Sustainable business success is driven by motivated professionals who are given the opportunity to learn and grow so as to embrace new tasks with self-confidence and skill. Our clients can choose from our proven PLC training programs or opt for customized training solutions, either in modern face-to-face formats or in digital form.

To us, it’s not about reeling off standard procedures: In all PLC trainings, seminars or workshops, it’s of utmost importance to us to address the individual needs of the participants. Their own input is integrated into the programs to ensure high practicability and relevance of the learning content for their job.

Each project starts with engaging our clients in an intensive dialog to understand their starting position and target picture. This is the basis for developing effective training and coaching experiences.

As coaches, we accompany clients through times of change, for example in terms of leadership, collaboration, communication and corporate culture.

Popular topics from our training programs include:

  • Strategy development for companies and functions
  • Moving from vision and strategy to sustainable implementation
  • Scenario planning
  • Leadership in times of change
  • Leadership and collaboration in network organizations
  • Leadership communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • Integration / Post-Merger Integration as success factors of mergers and buy & build strategies
  • Multi-cultural collaboration in international businesses
 With special focus on Procurement & Supply Management, our offering includes:
  • Procurement transformation: Turning into a strategic business partner
  • Leadership and stakeholder communication in Procurement
  • Development of market-oriented commodity strategies and supplier portfolio strategies
  • Negotiation and contract design in Global Sourcing
  • Risk Management and sourcing scenarios in Procurement

For the past 25 years, our clients have also valued a unique PLC training concept that combines language skills with specialist knowhow, commercial knowledge and cross-cultural aspects along the relevant business processes:

  • English for International Procurement
  • English for Logistics
  • English for Supplier Quality Management

This compact, highly effective training is continuously updated to fit changing requirements to be met by international Procurement, Supply Management and other functions which collaborate closely with the supplier base.